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Extract from the novel FARIDE by Iren Rozdobudko PDF Друк e-mail


by Iren Rozdobudko

Translated by Hanna Leliv

(Download pdf)

A calm like thatonly ever happened before the storm. Uneasy but perfect in its stillness. Even the birds were silent, feeling the slow rising of the waves that werestarting to swell many kilometers away, soaking up the innocent landscape, surging up higher and higher, about to come down on the village like a violent force of nature.

And in thatcalm that reigned in that time without governance,strange things started to happen to Faride that hardly anyone else noticed; a human community, once seemingly friendly,now looked at the “strangers” with suspicion and mistrust.

Extract from the novel Ruta by Kapranovy Brothers Друк e-mail

From Ruta by Kapranovy Brothers

Translated from the Ukrainian by Hanna Leliv

(Download pdf)

The gun barrel jerked and spat out a bullet. It flew, slicing through the air and leaving emptiness behind. It seemed to squeeze the space, gradually transforming it into a solid transparent wall, and it was only that wall that Andriy could count on, as he simply couldn’t catch up with the bullet. He ran after it, trying, again and again, to grab it, but that swift piece of metal was always one second ahead. Andriy’s lungs felt the vacuum in the bullet’s wake; he could not draw a single breath in this dry, prickly vacuum, but he strained every nerve and charged ahead hoping to stop the speeding bullet. Somewhere behind him, Sergeant Kozlov was laughing. His laugh was so loud that the space in front of him suddenly broke into black cracks and then crumbled to dust together with the gray-haired cameraman’s equipment and Ruta, the girl standing behind it. Andriy screamed, tearing his parched throat, but no sound came out, his pain and despair staying inside, in the depths of his subconscious.

Extract from the novel KYIVAN HOLIDAY by Natalia Tysovska Друк e-mail


by Natalia Tysovska

(Download pdf)

A young American Fulbright scholar ventures to Kyiv, Ukraine, only to find herself in the middle of two different mysteries both perilous and addictive.

A young American scholar, Jenny Barton, whose main scope of interest is the role of women in WWII, comes to Kyiv to work in the local archives but even before she can reach her destination she is taken hostage by criminals as a burglary witness. Her quick wit helps her run away only to wind up all alone in the suburban area, without money or ID, with the criminals chasing her.

Extract from the novel Little swallow by Irène Rozdoboudko FR PDF Друк e-mail

Irène Rozdoboudko

L'hirondelle est arrivéee

Traduit par Iryna Dmytrychyn

(Download pdf)


Nursing home, the USA

Décembre 1997.

- … il y en a quelque chose d'injuste làdans. Ce, qui anéantit tout le sens de la vie. Ce, qui raye toutes les aspirations, tous les sentiments, la lutte pour la place au soleil, l’amour pour des proches. Et observant cet anéantissement chaque jour, on se pose la question : Y a-t-il de la justice quelque part dedans? Et on perd du sens du tout. Du tout! On se questionne : Pourquoi tout ça – nos doutes, nos souffrances, nos victoires et nos succès? Pour quoi? On devient incrédule à l’existence du Dieu, après tout6, il n’a pas bien repensé le résultat final.

- Moi, j’essaye de ne pas y penser. Je fais mon travail tout simplement. Ne t’y fais pas la tête. On n’est pas pour l’éternité ici, la fin toujours la même…

- Exacte. Mais pourquoi une telle? À quoi est-on coupable pour avoir une telle fin? Pression. Dyspnée. Arythmie. Tachycardie. Alzheimer…

Extract from the novel Phone Booth No.3: Ukraine to Los Angeles by Olena Zakharchenko Друк e-mail

Phone Booth No.3: Ukraine to Los Angeles

by Olena Zakharchenko

(Download pdf)

The Road

First things first

I was twenty-two and I had absolutely no idea what to do with my life. Fresh from university, I didn’t feel like getting a job in my field. The field itself—foreign philology—had a ridiculous sound to it. I wanted to become an artist, but my father had told me that I shouldn’t even think about it. Lost, that’s what I was. My English was better than my Russian; I could speak German and Spanish; I played the piano, went skiing, and danced tango. I graduated with honors from Lviv University.

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