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Понеділок, 01 червня 2020, 00:00

Our publishing house was founded in 1996. For 24 years on the market we published more than six hundred books, most of them are works of Ukrainian authors, while about 30% are translations. We are а member of the Ukrainian Publishers & Booksellers Association.

Areas of interest are general fiction, contemporary literature, commercial fiction, thrillers, crimes, biographies.

We opened new names of Ukrainian bestselling authors.

Our authors are winners and shortlisted of the national literary contests and prizes, such as “Crowning the Word”, “Book of the year” of BBC Ukrainian, “The Best Ukrainian Book” of the “Correspondent” magazine and others.

We translated into Ukrainian language the works of such authors as: Jane Harper (The Dry), Muriel Barbery (The elegance of the Hedgehog), David Foenkinos (Nos séparations), Delphine de Vigan (Les Heures souterraines), Chris Tvedt (Fare for gjentakelse), Francesca Melandri (Eva Dorme), Jane Corry (My Husband's Wife) and others.

Nora-Druk Publishers took part as a co-exhibitor of Ukrainian collective stand at international book fairs in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Paris, Beirut, Abu Dhabi and in fellowship programs in Frankfurt Book Fair, Milan International Book Fair, Turin International Book Fair, Sharjah.

Nora-Druk sells and buys rights and co-operates with French, American, English, Canadian, Italian, Arabic agencies, publishers and foundations.

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