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Extract from the novel The Red Zone by Artem Chapeye PDF Друк e-mail
Написав Artem Chapeye   
Середа, 08 жовтня 2014, 09:59

The Red Zone by Artem ChapeyeExtract from the novel The Red Zone by Artem Chapeye – Chapter R-20

Translation by Patrick John Corness

On my left I was jostled by a corpulent woman and on my right I felt the sweltry presence of a fifty-year-old guy. His breath smelled of yesterday's alcohol and he reeked under the armpits, giving off a penetratingly sour sweaty odour. This guy raised his arm to hold on to the upper handrail. On his dark-coloured t-shirt there was a wet patch that was even darker.

The minibus was stuck in traffic on Hlybochytska Street, behind a tram. The vehicles in the left and right-hand lanes were also at a standstill, as the tram was wider than the cars, and we were driving between rows of market stalls. The bus from time to time gave a growl and edged its way forward another metre, almost impacting the tram with its bumper. Gangsta-shanson music boomed from the speakers built into the roof.

“Driver! Let us out!” shouted a man in a peaked cap standing in the aisle near the front door. He had one foot on the step.

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Extract from the novel by Andrij KOKOTYUHA Full Moon PDF Друк e-mail
Написав Andrij KOKOTYUHA   
Середа, 08 жовтня 2014, 09:39

Andrij KOKOTYUHA Full MoonExtract from the retro-detective novel by Andrij KOKOTYUHA Full Moon

Translated by Patrick John Corness

“How can you explain it, Comrade Lieutenant?”

Somov looked up at Levchenko. When the latter made his report he ordered him to present it orally. But as Andrij was speaking he skimmed the written pages, gradually sinking back down in his seat. By the time the report was completed the captain was resting his shoulders on the back of the chair, leaning back as far as possible, twiddling in his fingers a neatly sharpened pencil and giving him a severe look.

“It’s all set out there, comrade captain,” said Levchenko guardedly. “I’ve nothing to add to what has just been said. And then ... You were present, comrade captain. You saw it all for yourself.