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П'ятниця, 25 листопада 2011, 18:36

Nora-Druk publishers, based in Kiev, Ukraine, work on the Ukrainian book mаrket since 1996. Publishing from fifteen to twenty titles a year, mainly in the field of contemporary literary fiction, Nora-Druk takes around seventy per cent of its titles from Ukrainian-language originals, while the rest are translations from other languages such as Polish, French, German, English and others. Nora-Druk also publishes one or two non-fiction titles each year. The company's whole emphasis lies on quality over quantity, all the way from choosing projects for publication to creating the physical look and feel of the books.

Nora-Druk works closely and intimately with authors to develop the best possible finished scripts. For furnishing the book covers we use the painting of modern Ukrainian artists. For the better promotion of projects we organise the meetings in different cities of Ukraine, our authors go to universities and libraries to meet their readers.

Our authors are winners of the national literary contests and prizes, such as “Crowning the Word”, “Book of the year” of BBC, “The Best Ukrainian Book” of the “Correspondent” magazine and others.

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